Book review: Dyed in the Green ISBN 9780987975409

Book review: Dyed in the Green ISBN 9780987975409

This review was written by John Spychka.

Dyed in the Green
Author: George Mercer
ISBN: 9780987975409
Price: $19.99

In Dyed in the Green, preserving Canadian wildlife in a national park is not as simple as it may seem. Poachers live by their own rules and park wardens have scant resources and limited recourse to stop them. Assistant Chief Park Warden Ben Matthews, fuelled by passion and an adamant belief in preservation, his own and the park’s, sets out on a crusade to stop poaching in the Cape Breton Highlighlands National Park on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia.

His nemesis, sociopath John Donald Moores, is smart, fearless and always one step ahead of him.

Matthews and the other park wardens chase Moores and his cronies up and down the Cabot Trail, from Chéticamp to Petit Étang to Pleasant Bay, back through Point Cross and Grand Étang, and all the backroads in between. The story skillfully winds its way around the sharp turns, steep hills, and heart-stopping cliffs of the Cabot Trail.

Dyed in the Green is also about community and sticking together. The Acadians of Cape Breton Island, a tight-knit community, do their best to maintain their unique culture and mores in a socially and economically challenging environment. The title, Dyed in the Green, comes from the expression “dyed-in-the-wool Acadians,” meaning that they are “true believer[s] in the cause,” that they are committed not only “to preserving [their] people’s culture and identity, but also committed to the ideals of national parks.”

This book sheds light on the seriousness of poaching and how it destroys the wildlife in our national parks. The battle against poaching is not limited to Canadian national parks but extends throughout the world including Africa.

George Mercer weaves an action-packed, suspenseful tale, with the Acadians and the majestic Cabot Trail adding a colourful cultural and environmental backdrop.

Dyed in the Green is entertaining and no summer reading list would be complete without it.

Review by John Spychka


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