The Dogs by Allan Stratton ISBN 9781443128308

The Dogs by Allan Stratton ISBN 9781443128308

The Dogs
Author: Allan Stratton
ISBN: 9781443128308
Retail Price: $19.99 (Hardcover)
Publisher: Scholastic Canada

This review by Zoé Spychka first appeared on Livres Trois Canons – the Quebec City English bookstore site of the same name.

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In my short 15 years of existence, I can’t say that I have that much experience with life or terror, nor have I ever been in contact with any life-threatening or violent situations (unless you count compulsively watching Dexter on Netflix). For that I have been blessed and am eternally grateful.

The Dogs has helped me see that bad people are out there, no matter how good some of them may seem. It has also opened my eyes on domestic violence, a concept that was before quite foreign to me. The author makes you almost feel the fear and emotions that the characters are experiencing at times and I find it incredible that words can have the power to do that. It takes talent to write a novel that has just the right amount of mystery and suspense, sprinkled with enough supernatural to make you devour the book without ever wanting to put it down.

Early on in the novel, I did find Jacky (a spirit of some sort) to be an element of fear, but somehow it becomes the complete opposite as the story progresses. I find myself afraid of the real enemy: man. The ghost, as we quickly discover, is on our side as well as on the main character’s side. Perhaps, this was a way of showing the reader that all monsters are human.

If you’re a young adult (YA) and love stories that give you the chills, I recommend taking The Dogs for a walk.


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